Romance with an edge.

  1. Wayward Angel
    Wayward Angel
    What do you do when the one thing you want is against the rules? Anslie Davoli is the sixteen year old daughter of the President of the Wayward Saints MC, Cason Davoli. After her mom takes her away from the club at just five years old, certain circumstances bring her back into the club under her older brother's watchful eye. Brantley Insico grew up in the club. His father is the Vice President of the Wayward Saints MC. At twenty-one, he thinks he's got it all, the club, his family, and no woman tying him down. One family barbecue and his world is turned upside down. Brantley knows Prez's daughter is off limits, but he still craves her. Will Anslie and Brantley be able to stay away from each other, or will they have to deal with the consequences Please note: This book contains the following: kidnapping, rape, sex, drugs, and abuse.
  2. Wayward Valentine
    Wayward Valentine
    After being kidnapped, abused and having to watch the man she loved fight for his life, Anslie Davoli has finally gotten her happily ever after. Seven years after they met, Brantley Insico finally has everything he never knew he wanted. He has his boys and the girl of his dreams back in his life. Things are as perfect as they can be in a MC. Valentine’s Day is here and Brantley wants to make sure that Anslie has the perfect day. He enlists the help of the twins and his parents. He’s got it all planned out and can’t wait to show her what she means to him. Can he make her day perfect of will it go down in flames
  3. Wayward Soul
    Wayward Soul
    Can two broken people put each other back together again? Casey Stewart has spent her high school years being picked on and never being enough for her parents. Starting college in Seattle is the opportunity she has been waiting for to shed her old image and create a new one. Casey is on the path to destruction. In a year, she has gone from the loner to the wild child. Can she be saved before she destroys herself? Alec "Gunner" Foster had a tough childhood. When his aunt and uncle step in and move him and his mom to Vegas, Gunner is finally able to be a kid again. Growing up with the VP of the Wayward Saints MC in Las Vegas, Gunner knew he wanted to be the some kind of man his uncle is. Dependable. Loyal. Fierce. With retaliation on his mind, can he stay true to himself and the first girl he's ever cared about? For mature audiences only. Contains violence and sexual encounters.
  4. Wayward Beginning
    Wayward Beginning
    ***Wayward Angel and Wayward Soul should be read before reading Wayward Beginning in order to keep from missing important plots that carry on through out the series.*** Cason Davoli has had his share of heartache and problems. No one ever said that being the President of the Wayward Saints would be a cake walk. After losing his wife to a rival club drive by and his daughter to her selfish mother, Cason vowed to never get close to another woman. The minute the sassy lawyer walked into his bar, he knew he was in for trouble. Henley Reid has strived to be the best lawyer she could be. At thirty-two, she’s finally happy with her career. The only thing she is missing is a love life, not that she would admit to it. The moment she walks into the Wayward Tavern, she knows her new clients are going to be trouble. One look at the Wayward Saints president and she’s hooked. Can Cason show Henley how to unwind and have some fun? Will Henley be able to prove that she’s nothing like is ex Selena?
  5. Wayward Son
    Wayward Son
    Collette Kindrick is running. On her anniversary, she caught her boyfriend sleeping with someone else. Heartbroken, she packs just enough to get by and runs to the city that never sleeps. A chance encounter brings her into Dominic's path and she falls head over heels for the biker. Dominic Davoli has had his life planned out since he was born. He is destined to be the next Wayward Saints president. Meeting Coley was never part of his plan, but, once he's had her, he can't let go. One wrong move lands Dom in jail, threatening everything he is trying to hold on to. Will their differences tear them apart, or will Dom claim Coley as his ole' lady and keep her in Vegas with him?
  6. Wayward Trouble
    Wayward Trouble
    Jase Insico Being a twin sucks. Watching my brother’s slowly fall in love sucks even worse. One party and things change; no not like Brantley’s story, our story is different. Just like the girl I fell in love with while she was under my protection. I made a lot of mistakes with her, but then again I wouldn’t take any of them back if the outcome would have been any different. She was worth everything I had to go through. She was trouble with a capital T, but I wouldn’t change one minute with her. Wynter Larsen I never expected to get caught sneaking into some guys apartment. Truth be told, I’m glad I did. I found the man of my dreams even if I didn’t believe it for myself for a while. Jase wasn’t like everyone else. He believed me and protected me no matter the cost. He went up against his own family and the man who had been after me for weeks. He was my saving grace and I could never thank him enough for what he did.
  7. Wayward Temptation
    Wayward Temptation
    Sailor Running was all I ever did. I tried to get away from a man that hurt me and I ended up in the path of a temptation that I couldn’t resist. I wanted Raef more than my next breath, but he didn’t want me. I tried like hell to fight my attraction towards him, but I couldn’t. He was everything I wanted and everything I never knew I needed. Raef My old man was punishing me for God knows what. He sent me down to Sacramento to clean up their mess and instead I ended up finding her. She’s like a damn breath of fresh air in this otherwise suffocating life. My attraction to her can land me on the wrong side of a gun, but it’s a chance I’m willing to take. She’s a temptation that I can’t ignore and one that I don’t regret.
  8. Lyndley
    With no other option but going home, Lyndley Adams leaves New York to return to Texas and everything she left behind, her parents and her first love. After ten years, Lyndley comes face to face with Jaxson Harper. Old memories and secrets come to light and they have a hard time dealing with the aftermath. Will first love be able to survive the harsh truths and secrets that have been kept over the years? Will Lyndley be able to handle the repercussions of the secret she has been keeping?
  9. Dirty Ink
    Dirty Ink
    **Warning** Suggested for 18 and over. Contains BDSM and explicit sex scenes. May also contain triggers. Brielle Tyler is a twenty-five year old college student, trying to find her place in the world. Hudson Knox is a thirty year old tattoo artist who has been building up his tattoo shop, Dirty Ink. Brielle's long term boyfriend breaks up with her and she finds herself going to a tattoo shop to break free of her good girl shell. Once Hudson inks Brielle's skin in his shop, he can't stop thinking about the fiery raven haired beauty. A chance encounter a week later, throws Hudson and Brielle together for the ride of their lives.
  10. Dirty Fun
    Dirty Fun
    **Warning** Suggested for 18 and over. Contains BDSM and explicit sex scenes. May also contain triggers. This is book 2 of 3 of Hudson and Brielle's story. Be sure to read Dirty Ink to get the beginning of their story. Hudson Knox found the girl of his dreams. His and Brielle’s relationship has been built on trust and he is slowly bringing her into his BDSM lifestyle. Before he collars her, he wants to make sure that she is able to live out a few of her naughty fantasies. There is still someone threating Brielle and Hudson will do anything to make sure that she is safe at all costs. He wants to put an end to the threats and make her his forever. Brielle Tyler found the man she knows is the one. He makes her feel safe even with the threats and photos that are currently floating around of her and Hudson. For the first time in a long time, she feels loved and she isn’t ready to give that up. One game in the car and Brielle spills her secrets to Hudson and he finds out about her past. An ex-girlfriend that won’t take no for an answer, a horrid childhood and a stalker posting dirty photos of them test Hudson and Brielle’s relationship. Do they have what it takes to survive everything? Can love really overcome even the worse secrets?
  11. Biker Chicks Anthology Vol 1
    Biker Chicks Anthology Vol 1
    Bikers, the ultimate alpha males. But what of women who ride? These sexy independent road warriors shirk the conventions of lady-like behavior and live life by their own terms – wild and free. BIKER CHICKS is full of sexy stories about women who ride, whether they be lone wolves or part of a gang. Some of the best authors in MC romance along with some new names and faces to the genre tell us how these strong women find the sexual satisfaction and romance we all long for, for one of the best causes. All proceeds of this anthology go to Bikers Against Child Abuse, so come take a ride with us. Authors in this Anthology include... Barbi Barnard Jeffrey Cook & Katherine Perkins MariaLisa DeMora A.J. Downey Amo Jones Colbie Kay Ryan Kells Emma Lee Davida Lynn Bibi Rizer K. Renee Jennifer Rose
  12. Getting Lucky Anthology
    Getting Lucky Anthology
    Nine sexy romance novellas from some of the top leaders in indie romance. Are you feeling lucky? *ALL PROCEEDS BENEFIT National Alliance on Mental Illness* WORTH THE CHASE by J.L. Beck Gia King and Chase Winchester come together in an explosive romance with one chance encounter at love. College, romance, and two families who were hell bent on being enemies. Can love between these two really transpire or will everyone else have the last say? Sometimes you have to chase what you want. UNLUCKY IN LOVE by RD Berg Two days ago Chloe James considered herself the luckiest woman alive, as she excitedly did the final preparations for her dream wedding. How did she end up in the back of an ambulance in her wedding dress with the brazen paramedic, Braden Dean, on her wedding night? Chloe soon discovers her luck well has run dry, and she just might have become Unlucky In Love. CHANCE ENCOUNTER by LB Dunbar Liars and cheats, that's what Americans were to me, Chance Fitzgerald. My first impression was a bit skewed then of Keli Donagel. She was breathtakingly beautiful, until I heard that damn accent. Nothing good ever came from the Americans I encountered, most of all those who possessed something I want returned. What a corker that Fate is, though? She had other plans for me. LUCKY STUD by Rebecca Elise When Kurt Davis let Briony Jensen move in as a favor to his cousin, it was only supposed to be temporary. He never expected to fall for her, but he is determined to make her his. Just when he thinks he is getting close, Briony drops a bomb on him, forcing him to make a a difficult decision. Does he let her go or beg her to stay? LOVE AT LUCKY STABLES by Ashley Hampton Mystery surrounds Lucky Stables. Many, like Emily Lane’s parents, fell in love there. After tragedy struck, Emily ran far away, believing the stables were cursed. In Emily’s absence, Shane Patterson has stepped in to help Emily’s aging father. When Emily returns home, will Shane help her believe in love and luck again? LUCKY ME by Kelly Moran Declan O'Leary's family is cursed. For the past one-hundred years, bad things happen if they fall in love. So Declan lives his life one woman at a time. Until he meets Lily Durand and he finds himself wishing for a forever that can never be. Yet their fate encounter and one week of sexual, intimate bliss just might be enough to turn his luck around. RIGHT KIND OF WRONG by K. Renee Dannicka Grady has no idea she’s in trouble. When her sister Sage sends in a friend to protect her, the sparks fly. Sawyer “Saw” O’Brien is a dirty talking biker, and Dannicka never expected to be drawn to a man like him, especially since their worlds are so different. Can Sawyer protect her and win her heart at the same time? LUCKY FOR YOU by Mayra Statham Ready for a fresh start, single mom Keira Jennings has discovered a slice of in heaven in the mountain town of Whispering Springs, California. Police chief Rex Malone is smitten at first sight for the charming new resident of his hometown. After a routine stop sparks fly. Has Keira’s Luck changed for the better? Or is Rex just like every man she’s ever met? WISH ME LUCK by Shantel Tessier I’ve always considered myself a lucky man. Women and money both come easily. That is until I meet Ashlyn. What was supposed to be fun and simple turns hard and complicated. I’m Ryder O’Kane, and I have fallen for a woman who made one night more memorable than any woman before her. It’s funny how luck runs out when you need it the most. *ANTHOLOGY AVAILABLE FROM 3/15/16 to 6/15/16*
  13. Wild Ride Part 1
    Wild Ride Part 1
    ***Part of the Biker Chicks Vol 1 Anthology*** Following in her brother's footsteps, Shaylyn Fields started an all girl MC. After being banished from her brother's clubhouse, Shay goes in search of a little fun and meets a sexy stranger that takes her on a wild ride and turns her life upside down.
  14. Wild Ride Part 2
    Wild Ride Part 2
    Sex. Lies. Love. Secrets. Matthew "Maverick" Henry Meeting her was never part of the plan, but one night with the sexy blonde made me forget all the shit that's been going on in my life and what I had to do in the coming days. Shaylyn Fields I slept with the enemy. One night was all it took. One foolish decision can ruin my brother's club and mine. What was I thinking?
  15. Right Kind of Wrong
    Right Kind of Wrong
    ***Part of the Getting Lucky Anthology*** Dannicka Grady has no idea she’s in trouble. When her sister Sage sends in a friend to protect her, the sparks fly. Sawyer “Saw” O’Brien is a dirty talking biker, and Dannicka never expected to be drawn to a man like him, especially since their worlds are so different. Can Sawyer protect her and win her heart at the same time?
  16. Dirty Forever
    Dirty Forever
    Hudson and Brielle finally are ready to say I do. Their big day is coming up, but there is still always someone trying to keep them apart. Once one threat is over, it seems like another is right there behind it. Can Hudson and Brielle make it down the aisle and start their lives as husband and wife peacefully or will there be more problems for them to face as a couple?
  17. Dirty Truth
    Dirty Truth
    Erik Davis Living life as a shell of the man I was is how I survive now. In the blink of an eye, I lost everything I loved and I know that I’ll never get it back. Well, that was until I met her. She makes me feel things that I have never felt before and I’m not sure how to cope with it. I can’t let go of the past and the closer I get with her, the harder it is to separate the past and the present. I want her more than my next breath, but I’m afraid of letting go of the past to get my future. Megan Parker I see the way he watches me. He thinks that I don’t notice, but I do. He swears this is only a fling and that he will never be the man I want, but he’s wrong. I’ll spend my life proving it to him. He is everything that I’ve ever wanted and more. Our journey will have more than a few bumps, but as long as I have him by my side, I know that we will be able to overcome all odds. I won’t stop fighting for us, someone has to.
  18. Sins and Scars
    Sins and Scars
    I am not a good man. I tried to stay away, but every time I pushed her away, she fell harder. I took away her innocence and I don’t regret a damn thing. She owns me. Mind. Body. Soul. I never wanted to lose her, but I did. I’m a monster and she knows it. She’s seen the darkness in me and she ran as far as she could. I had plans to bring her back, but I saw the happiness written on her face. When threats surface, I bring her home where she belongs, kicking and screaming. The sins I’ve committed leave scars on her body and soul. She hates me for what I’ve done and I don’t blame her. I’ve killed for her and I will kill again if need be. The only thought that I fear is losing her forever. Losing her forever will be my downfall. Losing her temporarily drove me to the edge. I won’t let her go without a fight. She’s the light and I’m the dark. I’m the sins and she’s the scars. I’ve ruined her. I love her. I would rather fall on my own knife than lose my only saving grace.
  19. Dirty Lust
    Dirty Lust
    Ethan Black I thought that letting her go would protect her. Watching her walk away from me was the biggest mistake of my life. She’s the air I breathe and the one thing I’ve always wanted. She doesn’t know what she means to me, but I’m prepared to protect her no matter the cost. Heartbreak. It’s the way I live while she’s gone and seeing the light dim in her eyes doesn’t make it easier. I need her just as she needs me, but can she forgive me for walking away? Riley Carter Ethan pushed me away and for the first time in a long time, I felt alone. I thought that maybe getting back out there would make me feel alive again, but all it did was bring me more hurt. The type of hurt that Holden caused was way worse than the pain Ethan left me with. I will do whatever it takes to protect Ethan and his sister, even if it kills me. I will live my life as a shell of my former self to protect the ones that I love.
  20. Jaxson
    Jaxson Harper waited years for Lyndley Adams to come home, but she never did. After choosing to stay and help with his families ranch, he lost the one girl he loved his whole life. When Lyndley comes back to town he can see she's guarded and broken, but he will do everything he can to bring back the girl he fell in love with all those years ago. When Jaxson finds out the secret that Lyndley has been keeping, it destroys him. He never expected her to keep something like that from him. Jaxson missed out on a lot of memories that he will never be able get back but he wants to fight for them. Jaxson will do whatever it takes to get his girl back and give her the happily ever after they deserve.
  21. Protecting Siena
    Protecting Siena
    Sloane Hyland has had a rough upbringing. Leaving home at seventeen taught him how to survive. Moving to Vegas, he never expected a job to practically fall into his lap. Siena Monroe is the spoiled daughter of his new boss and who he is hired to protect. No isn’t in her vocabulary and she makes it hard to keep his mind strictly on the job at hand. Sparks fly between Sloane and Siena, but Siena only wants stolen moments and Sloane only plays for keeps. Will Sloane keep things professional or will he get Siena to fall for him?
  22. Saints and Sinners
    Saints and Sinners
    I’m a sinner. She’s a saint. We are both in this war; only she doesn’t know how she got there. I’m there because protecting her is the only thing on my mind. Her innocence is like a damn drug and she keeps me coming back for more every damn time. She doesn’t like the man that I am. She’s told me that all I’m going to do is destroy her. She may just be right, but that doesn’t keep me away. All the pushing and pulling won’t do nothing but force me to keep her closer. I should have walked away. I should have let her live the life she’d always dreamed. I’m too selfish for that. Having her is the only thing that I can think about now. Every inch of her is ingrained into my mind and there is nothing that will rid me of her. We are part of my uncle’s game and no telling if he’ll play by the rules. Me, I’ve thrown the rule book out. I’m playing for keeps and I’m not letting her walk away, even if it kills us both.
  23. Wayward Secret
    Wayward Secret
    Elijah Growing up, I idolized my father. I wanted to be the same type of man he was, but I wasn’t. I didn’t function the same way he did. I had my own vices that kept me isolated from the rest of my brothers and the club. I felt like I was living a lie until I met Spencer. Spencer never judged me for being a biker, but he also didn’t know I was part of the Wayward Saints. I kept my life a secret from him, a secret from pretty much everyone. Secrets never stay hidden for long and soon I have to choose. Choose between the family I love more than anything and the one I’ve fallen for in a short period of time. Spencer Being part of the special crimes unit is something I have worked my ass off to achieve. One night can change all of that, and can cause me to lose everything I’ve worked so hard for. Elijah is worth that, even if I don’t tell him that. He didn’t know how I felt about him when I watched him walk out the door. One case can take our perfect arrangement to utter devastation. When truths come out, I am ordered to get information from him – have him rat on his own family, something I know he would never do. One wrong move and one of us can be killed. Is love worth a death sentence? I know I would die for Elijah, I just hope he will be there to save me in time.
  24. Biker Chicks Vol 2
    Biker Chicks Vol 2
    Bikers, the ultimate alpha males. But what of women who ride? These sexy independent road warriors shirk the conventions of lady-like behavior and live life by their own terms – wild and free. BIKER CHICKS is full of sexy stories about women who ride, whether they be lone wolves or part of a gang. Some of the best authors in MC romance along with some new names and faces to the genre tell us how these strong women find the sexual satisfaction and romance we all long for, for one of the best causes. All proceeds of this anthology go to Bikers Against Child Abuse*, so come take a ride with us. Authors in this Anthology include… Rachel Barnard Bink Cummings MariaLisa deMora A.J. Downey Geri Glenn Sapphire Knight Emma Lee Liberty Parker Eric Plume K. Renee Bibi Rizer and Winter Travers Text copyright © 2016 multiple authors This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All rights reserved. *Bikers Against Child Abuse International (B.A.C.A.) is not directly affiliated with this charity-driven anthology and use of their name to indicate funds distribution does not constitute endorsement, recommendation, or guarantee on their behalf for the efforts of these individual authors. No liability of any kind, implied or expressed, is given with respect to B.A.C.A. or their activities.
  25. Bastards and Angels
    Bastards and Angels
    I’m a bastard and she is the angel who loves me. Wanting her was never part of the plan. She came into my life when I needed to be saved. She saved me from a loveless marriage and myself. She doesn’t know how much she’s changed my life in a few years, but I owe her everything. They say you can’t change a whore into a housewife, but to me she was never a whore. She was my escape, the one good thing in my life. We are like oil and water. We fight, we fuck, and we make up. She tells me I’m a bastard and she’s right, I am. I don’t disagree. She knows exactly the type of man I am. I will go to hell and back to protect what’s mine, and she is mine. She may not realize it yet, but I’m not letting her go. Your past is never really gone. Trust me I learned the hard way. My past wanted all of me and I wasn’t ready to give up yet. Fighting for her and my family is the only thing that I am good at, and I won’t back down.